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Copter Strike VR is an arcadey, low poly, helicopter dogfight experience set in a vibrant cartoon-like world. This title doesn’t aim for realism and just wants to bring the fun!​ There are a variety of multiplayer game modes available including Racing, Football, Blast On 1v1, Blast On 1v1v1, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, 3-Team Deathmatch, Domination (Capture the Flag), 3-Team Domination and 2 Co-Op game modes: Zombie Outbreak and Desert Strike. The Co-op game modes can be played solo as well. There are also 2 other singleplayer game modes, one is just Free Roaming around the maps to explore or train piloting skills and one is composed of 30 Challenges. Those challenges have leaderboards so that you could compete with other players scores. After completing each challenge with 3 stars the player will receive a special prize!

Copter Strike is now released on Steam and on the Oculus AppLab! The AppLab version will work on both Quest and Quest 2 standalone platforms. Crossplay between PCVR and standalone is possible. To find out more information, get support or give us your feedback and suggestions join the Copter Strike VR Discord server.

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